25 Super Junior song Quotes

Hola Kpopers! Mimin mau share 25 SJ Song Quotes english part nih, moga2 suka ya ^^
1.”It’s gonna be me!” -Me by SJ M
2.”So I promise you” – So I by SJ
3.”Mianhae, My Love” – She’s Gone by SJ
4.”Bounce to you, Bounce to you” – BONAMANA by SJ
5.”Life couldn’t get better” – Miracle by SJ

6.”You’re my angel whisper softly” – Angela by SJ
7.”Dancing out on the edge!” – Dancing Out by SJ
8.”I hate you” – Heartquake by SJ KRY ft Yunho & Yoochun of DBSK
9.”Baby boo ,my hot little figure” – All My Heart by SJ
10.”L to the O to the V to the E” – L.O.V.E by SJ
11.”Press, Press the reset” – Reset by SJ
12.”Super Junior, The Last Man Standing!” – Superman by SJ
13.”I love you baby, I’m never gonna stop” – Miracle by SJ
14.”Sorry baby, Sorry baby” – Sorry sorry answer by SJ
15.”I’m slave for you, baby” – Sorry sorry answer by SJ
16. “Hey, I’m Mr.Simple! ” – Mr.Simple by SJ
17.”On and on, precious love” – Sorry sorry answer by SJ
18.”Oh my baby, my love” – Listen to you by SJ’s kyuhyun
19.”Love, oh baby, my girl” – Marry U by SJ
20.”I hope you enjoy this song” – Santa U are the one by SJ
21.”Baby, I want to love you, you open up my heart” – So I by SJ
22.”Last love, last kiss, last dream” – My Love, My Kiss, My Dream by SJ KRY
23.”My mama told me” – She wants it by SJ
24.”Will you come to me” – So I by SJ
25.”Would you marry me” – Marry U by SJ

hayooo, favorit kpopers nomer berapa? Ngga ada? Silahkan tambahin di komen ya 🙂


One thought on “25 Super Junior song Quotes

  1. Thats sweet ^^
    Can I add one song quote?
    ”Hope is a dream that never sleeps”
    -Hope is a dream that never sleeps by SJ’s Kyuhyun-

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